Visión de la ISS

ISS aims to ensure that respect for human rights is accorded to every individual, especially to children.

ISS strives to support, protect, reunite, and mediate children, families, and individuals separated as a consequence of cross border migration.


Misión de la ISS

ISS is a network of interconnected NGOs and partners that works towards re-establishing links within a family separated by international borders.

The ISS network strives to find solutions that enhance the protection of children in vulnerable situations. Our key priorities are to protect the best interest of the child above all other considerations and provide socio-legal counsel and psychological support. Advocacy, policy development, research, training, and capacity building are among our main focus areas.​


What we stand for

Protecting the rights of children

ISS promotes and protects the rights of children, families and individuals according to human rights conventions, including the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). Inherent to this approach ISS is prioritising the best interests of the child by notably using a participative approach.

Celebrating diversity

As ISS celebrates diversity, it continually strives for respecting and promoting the understanding and acceptance of all cultures worldwide.

Principios rectores

The principles of neutrality, confidentiality, independence, transparency, and impartiality are at the heart of ISS work.

Unshakable commitment

ISS has a shared commitment to families, children and individuals that unites its global network.

Reporte Global del SSI 2022

Reporte Global del SSI 2022