Key transformation targets

To best serve families and children across the world, we always strive to improve our approach by leveraging the latest technologies, networks, and knowledge development.

Target 1

Artificial intelligence (AI) and social work

AI is here to stay

AI technology will be used by ISS to bring improvements to our current social work service delivery methodology



AI is a tremendous tool to leverage the organisational history of casework, eliminate repetitive work, cut costs, free up time for caseworkers and allow them to remain focused on ISS beneficiaries.

Target 2

Knowledge and research platform

Digital Archive

Anchored in Geneva, the Knowledge and Research Platform will include 9 decades of experience from tens of thousands of ISS-conducted cross-border cases. 200 linear metres of ISS archives will be digitalised and integrated into the database. Research and publication capacity, in support of ISS advocacy in child protection and children’s rights, will expand exponentially.


The ISS Knowledge and Research Platform will be an open-source and multi-linguistic system.


Target 3

Network development & training


ISS aims to recruit new members to expand our global outreach while consolidating ISS’s worldwide presence.

hannah-busing-Zyx1bK9mqmA-unsplash (1)

Training program

From 2023 onwards, ISS’ global online training system will become the standard; ISS members will be asked to participate in periodic training, refreshers and new training programs covering specialised topics.

Target 4

Measuring the social impact of ISS

A wealth of data

ISS seeks to better quantify and qualify its social impact worldwide. Through the years, ISS has collected substantial data on the number of cases and beneficiaries of its interventions.

Leveraging our data

Introducing standard Key Performance Indicators across the network and using existing data on successes and challenges will enhance ISS’s capacity to measure its impact. This in turn will improve our accountability in service delivery and strengthen ISS’s competitive edge in cross-border social work, all leading to better services towards the people we assist.


9 decades of experience

Digitizing 200 linear meters of archive

10s of thousands of cases

Target 5

External communications & fundraising


Maximizing reach

ISS strives to reach a larger public worldwide. For that, it will use various channels of communication including social media, local and international press and podcasts. ISS also aims to strengthen internal communications within the network, which will help to streamline branding across members.

Audience tailoring

Communicating ISS’s activities, vision and mission, is critical to helping different audiences, including potential donors, understand the value and impact of the organisation.

2020 - 2025

ISS transformation targets

ISS is working towards five transformation targets:

How to support us

3 ways to support us

Whether you would like to support us individually, or you represent a private sector company or a foundation, there are many ways in which you can support our action: 


By making a tax deductible donation to ISS


By developing a partnership


By participating directly in our activities, as a volunteer

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