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Author Title ISS-IRC Code Publish on
SUNDERLAND Margot Stories for Troubled Children TOOL-CHILD ENG-018 00-00-2000
SUTTON Ann; HUDSON Barbara A better deal: developing an equitable intercountry adoption service TOOL-ADOPT UK-075 00-00-2005
SWALES, Diane M.; GEIBEL, Rena; MCMILLAN, Neil - Save the Children Applying the Standards - Improving quality childcare provision in east and central Africa TOOL-CHILD ENG-031 00-00-2006
Swedish Intercountry Adoptions Authority Special parents for special children TOOL-ADOPT SWE-013 08-00-2007
Swedish press Adoptions polonaises BIBLIO-NEWS EUROPE-015 00-00-0000
Swiss Foundation of the ISS; International Institute for the Rights of Chilren Children's Rights and Trans-national Social Work - Children's rights and international adoption - Report Module 1 TOOL-ADOPT CH-007 06-00-2002
Swiss newspapers Polemique autour de la revision des ordonnances federales applicables en matiere d'adoption BIBLIO-NEWS EUROPE-032 00-00-1988
Swiss newspapers Trafic de bebes BIBLIO-NEWS ASIA-003 05-00-1982
SZEJER Myriam (ed.) Le bébé face à l'abandon; le bébé face à l'adoption COM-ORIGINS FRE-010 00-00-2000
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