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Author Title ISS-IRC Code Publish on
SOS Children's Villages Family-based child care: The experience, learning and vision of SOS Children's Villages COM-ADOPT ENG-049 00-00-2005
SOS Kinderdorf -Hermann Gmeiner Academy SOSkinderdorforum PER-ADOPT AUT-002 00-00-0000
SOS Kinderdorf International SOS Journal PER-ADOPT AUT-001 00-00-1997
SOSSON Jehanne L'homoparentalité COM-ADOPT SAME-GENDER FRE-002 00-00-0000
SOULE Michel Evaluation des entretiens psychologiques préalables à l'adoption et aux procréations médicalement assistées TOOL-ADOPT FRA-011 00-00-0000
South African National Council for Child and Family Welfare HIV/AIDS and The Care of Children COM-ADOPT ENG-009 07-00-1999
Soutien, solidarité et actions en faveur des émigrants Accueillir Nº 245 PER-FRA 01-015 03-00-2008
SPARKS Kulwinder Why Adoption? Experiences to share for teenagers and their adoptive parents. TOOL-CHILD ENG-002 00-00-1995
SPENCER Marietta Successful Korean Adoptions: The Spencer Study COM-INTL-ADOPT ENG-001 00-00-2001
SPRING-DUVOISIN Denise Conference presentée au Congrès de l'AIJMF - adoption in Europe BIBLIO-COM FRE-005 08-25-1986
SPRING-DUVOISIN Denise L'adoption internationale: que sont-ils devenus? COM-INTL-ADOPT FRE-003 00-00-1986
Sri Lanka delegation Present State policy on intercountry adoption CONV-THC PREP-009 06-00-1990
SSI le temps de grandir LLL 00-00-0000
STAAT Mary Allen Health Aspects of International Adoption: Intestinal Parasites TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-094 01-00-2002
STAFFORD Georgina Where to find adoption records: A guide for counsellors, adopted people and birth parents TOOL-ADOPT UK-053 00-00-2001
STAPPAERTS Ingrid Little Manual for Adoptive Children TOOL-CHILD ENG-010 00-00-1996
STAUFFER Jean-Daniel Prix "Travail Social" 1991 COM-INTL-ADOPT FRE-011 00-00-1991
STEINHAUER Paul Le moindre mal. La question du placement de l'enfant TOOL-PRACTICE FRE-050 00-00-1996
STEPANYAN Robert Root causes of institutionalisation COM-ARM 001 10-00-1995
STERN, Daniel N. Jounal d' un Bébé COM-RIGHTS FRE-004 00-00-2004
STEVENS Amy Understanding Adoption Therapy TOOL-ADOPT US-030 00-00-0000
Stichting Adoptievoorzieningen (Foundation Adoption Services) Post-Adoption Services TOOL-ADOPT NLD-003 00-00-0000
STILES Families for Children: International Strategies to Build In-Country Capacity in the Philippines, Thailand, Romania and India TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-091 00-00-2001
STONE Judith Making Positive Moves: Developing short-term fostering services TOOL-ADOPT ENG-008 00-00-1995
STRINGER Berni Communicating through play TOOL-PRACTICE-ENG-165 00-00-2009
STRODE Ann The Role of Stigma and Discrimination in Increasing the Vulnerability of Children and Youth Infected with and Affected by HIV/AIDS TOOL-HIV/AIDS 002 11-00-2001
STURLESE Bruno La Convention de La Haye du 29 mai 1993 sur la protection des enfants et la coopération en matière d'adoption internationale CONV-THC COM-008 00-00-1993
Subgroup against the sexual exploitation of children; NGO Group for the CRC Semantics or substance? Towards a shared understanding of terminology referring to the sexual abuse and exploitation of children RIGHTS-TOOL 043 01-00-2005
SULLEROT Le grand remue-ménage. La crise de la famille TOOL-PRACTICE FRE-035 00-00-1997
SULMONI Marielle Les troubles de l'attachement: les comprendre, les réperer...les dépasser. Comment favoriser les conditions de l'attachement lors du placement d'un enfant dans sa famille adoptive? TOOL-ADOPT CH-005 09-00-2002
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