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Author Title ISS-IRC Code Publish on
SINCLAIR Ian; GIBBS Ian; WILSON Kate Foster Carers: Why they stay and why they leave TOOL-ADOPT UK-073 00-00-2004
SINGER Ellen Talking with children conceived through donor insemination, IVF with egg donor or surrogacy TOOL-ETHICS 037 00-00-0000
SKRZYPCZAK Jean François 1 à 3 ans: vers une personnalité autonome TOOL-PRACTICE FRE-011 00-00-1983
SLETTE Sigbjorn Permanency Planning Principles in the Norwegian Child Welfare System and Their Application to Practice TOOL-ADOPT NOR-001 00-00-1993
SMART Jennifer Attachment Disorder PER-ADOPT CAN-02-002 05-00-1998
SMART Jennifer (Ed.) Fetal Alcohol Syndrome PER-ADOPT CAN-02-001 00-00-1998
SMART Jennifer (Ed.) Families and Adoption PER-ADOPT CAN-02-003 08-00-1998
SMITH Carole After Adoption: Direct contact and relationships COM-ORIGINS ENG-023 00-00-2004
SMITH Debra Transracial and Transcultural Adoption COM-INTERACIAL ENG-008 00-00-1994
SMITH Fergus Adoption Now: Current law including regulations, guidance and standards TOOL-ADOPT UK-065 00-00-2003
SMITH ROTABI Karen ; BUNKERS Kelly Intercountry Adoption Reform based on the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption: An update on Guatemala in 2008. TOOL-ADOPT LATAM (GTMLA)-001 11-29-2008
SMITH Sheila Learning from disruption - Making better placements TOOL-ADOPT ENG-005 00-00-1994
SMITH, Fergus;BRANN Chris;CULLEN, Deborah; LANE, Mary Fostering Now TOOL-ADOPT ENG-097 00-00-2004
SMOLIN David The two faces of intercountry adoption, the significance of the indian adoption scandal TOOL-ADOPT-US--061 00-00-2005
SMOLIN David Intercountry adoption as child trafficking COM-INTL-ADOPT-ENG-055 00-00-2004
SMOLIN David Intercountry Adoption and poverty: a human rights anlysis COM-IMTL-ADOPT-ENG-056 00-00-2007
SMOLOWE Jill Babies for export NEWS-ADOPT ENG-011 08-22-1994
Social Services Inspectorate Adoption of children from overseas TOOL-ADOPT UK-042 00-00-1991
Social services of Quebec Dossier: Recherches d'antécédents et retrouvailles COM-ORIGINS FRE-001 00-00-1990
Social Welfare Department Manual of Procedures for Foster Care Service TOOL-ADOPT HKG-002 01-00-2001
Sociedad Protectora de la Infancia Entrelacemos nuestras manos para darles vida y esperanza TOOL-PRACTICE LATAM-CHL 001 00-00-0000
Société Européenne de Pédiatrie Ambulatoire Adoption: propos et réflexion CONF-ADOPT 2002-001 00-00-0000
Society for Advanced Legal Studies of London University Cross Border Movement of Children-Working Group COM-ISS UK-001 04-00-1998
SOLL Joe Adoption Healing... a path to recovery TOOL-ADOPT ENG-084 00-00-2000
SOLL Joe; BUTERBAUGH Karen Wilson Adoption Healing... a path to recovery for mothers who lost children to adoption TOOL-ADOPT ENG-085 00-00-2003
SOLNIT Albert J When Home is no Haven: Child placement issues TOOL-ADOPT US-024 00-00-1992
SOMERS Ann The needs of children analysed on the basis of the experience of adoption in Belgium COM-INTL-ADOPT ENG-020 03-00-2000
SOMERS Ann Working with prospective adoptive parents - Preparation of prospective adoptive parents TOOL-ADOPT BEL-011 03-00-2000
SOMERS Ann The needs of adoptees and their development TOOL-ADOPT BEL-010 03-00-2000
SOROSKY Arthur The Adoption Triangle. Sealed or Opened Records: How they Affect Adoptees, Birth Parents, and Adoptive Parents TOOL-ADOPT US-011 00-00-1984
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