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Author Title ISS-IRC Code Publish on
SEVILLA Jean-Jacques Bresil - Le trafic sordide des enfants de la misere BIBLIO-NEWS LATAM-028 08-17-1988
SHAFFER David La ruta del tráfico de niños: The baby pipeline TRAF-LATAM 002 12-31-1995
SHARMA Anu Crossing Borders: Long Term Outcomes for Children Adopted Internationally and Interracially COM-INTERACIAL ENG-009 00-00-1996
SHARMA Anu Growing Up Adopted: The Search Institute Study, Updated COM-ADOPT ENG-019 00-00-2000
SHARP Nicola Universal Birth Registration - a Universal Responsability COM-RIGHTS ENG-004 02-00-2005
SHAW Martin Family placement for children in care- a guide to the literature TOOL-ADOPT UK-015 00-00-1988
SHAW Martin A Bibliography of Family Placement Literature - a guide to publications on children, parents and carers TOOL-ADOPT ENG-013 00-00-1994
SHEPLER, Susan; UNICEF, WCARO Transnational Fosterage of War-affected Children in West Africa: Immediate coping capacities across borders COM-RIGHTS ENG-015 12-00-2005
SIEGAL E. Finding Fernanda COM-INT-ADOPT-ENG-59 00-00-2011
SIEGEL Deborah H Open Adoption of Infants: Adoptive Parents' Perceptions of Advantages and Disadvantages COM-ADOPT ENG-011 01-00-1993
SIFFERMAN Kelly Allen Adoption forms for use with prospective adoptive parents TOOL-FORM USA-003-02 00-00-0000
SIFFERMAN Kelly Allen Adoption forms for use with birth parents TOOL-FORM USA-003-01 00-00-0000
SIFFERMAN Kelly Allen Adoption: A Legal Guide for Birth and Adoptive Parents TOOL-PARENTS ENG-017 00-00-1994
SIFFERMAN Kelly Allen Form for information on newborn to be adopted TOOL-FORM USA-003-03 00-00-0000
SIGBJORN Slette Permanency planning principles in the Norwegian child welfare system and theis application to practice TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-127 01-00-1993
Siglo Veintiuno Dossier of newspaper clippings on trafficking and sale of children in Latin America: Paraguay NEWS-TRAF LATAM-004 05-28-1996
SILBER Kathleen Children of open adoption TOOL-ADOPT ENG-022 00-00-1989
SILBER Kathleen Dear Birthmother TOOL-ADOPT ENG-035 00-00-1991
SILVEIRA Ana Maria da Adoção de crianças negras inclusão ou exclusão? COM-ADOPT LATAM-011 00-00-2005
SILVERSTEIN Deborah N Core issues in adoption TOOL-ADOPT ENG-062 00-00-0000
SILVERSTON Deborah; LIVINGSTON SMITH Susan Siblings in Adoption and Foster Care TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-156 00-00-2009
SIMARD Marie (ed.) Maintien des liens familiaux et placement d'enfants. Actes du colloque tenu les 14 et 15 novembre 1996 TOOL-PRACTICE FRE-047 00-00-1997
SIMMS Mark D Pediatricians and Foster Children TOOL-ADOPT US-023 00-00-1991
SIMON Rita In Their Own Voices: Transracial Adoptees Tell Their Stories COM-INTERACIAL ENG-018 00-00-2000
SIMON Rita J Adoption Across Borders: Serving the Children in Transracial and Intercountry Adoptions COM-INTERACIAL ENG-016 00-00-2000
SIMON Rita J Trans-Racial Adoption COM-INTERACIAL ENG-002 00-00-1977
SIMON Rita J Transracial Adoption: A Follow-up COM-INTERACIAL ENG-003 00-00-1981
SIMON Rita J Adoption, Race, and Identity - From Infancy through Adolescence COM-INTERACIAL ENG-004 00-00-2002
SIMS Lynn The Homestudy Process - "What is Real?" TOOL-PARENTS ENG-047 00-00-0000
SINCLAIR Ian Fostering Now: Messages from Research TOOL-ADOPT UK-074 00-00-2005
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