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Author Title ISS-IRC Code Publish on
Various Child trafficking NEWS-TRAF EUROPE-006 00-00-0000
Various Dossier of newspaper clippings on Colombia BIBLIO-NEWS LATAM-008 00-00-1986
Various Collection of newspaper articles on trafficking and sale BIBLIO-NEWS WORLD-007 00-00-0000
Various Internet adoption TOOL-ETHICS INTERNET-004 00-00-2001
Various Collection of Newspaper articles on trafficking and sale BIBLIO-NEWS WORLD-008 00-00-0000
Various Adoption et transfert d'enfants COM-ADOPT FRE-023 00-00-1992
Various Trafficking for adoption NEWS-TRAF EUROPE-003 00-00-0000
Various Baby trafficking in Poland NEWS-TRAF EUROPE-004 00-00-1992
Various Venta y tráfico de niños - julio a agosto de 1990 BIBLIO-NEWS LATAM-013 00-00-1990
Various Dossier on adoption in Ecuador BIBLIO-TRAF LATAM-008 00-00-0000
Various Dossier on "accouchement sous X" COM-ORIGINS FRE-014 00-00-0000
Various Trafficking and Sale BIBLIO-NEWS WORLD-011 00-00-1991
various Documents presented at the First Caribbean Workshop on Abandonment and Adoption BIBLIO-CONF 92 00-00-1992
Various Newspaper articles on trafficking and sale BIBLIO-NEWS LATAM-003 00-00-1994
Various International Adoption Clinics TOOL-RESOURCES US-010 00-00-2003
Various authors Dossier on opening of adoption records COM-ORIGINS ENG-019 00-00-2000
Various newspapers Dossier of newspaper clippings on trafficking and sale of children in Latin America: Paraguay NEWS-TRAF LATAM-001 00-00-0000
Various newspapers Trafficking and adoption BIBLIO-NEWS EUROPE-007 00-00-0000
Various Newspapers Dossier: trafficking of children from Chile for purposes of adoption by foreigners BIBLIO-NEWS LATAM-042 00-00-1992
Various newspapers Adoption of Romanian children. BIBLIO-NEWS EUROPE-049 00-00-1990
Various newspapers Trafficking of children from Ecuador BIBLIO-NEWS LATAM-034 00-00-1989
Various newspapers About transfer of children from Guatemala to the USA for organ transplant. BIBLIO-NEWS LATAM-039 00-00-1988
Various newspapers Intercountry adoption - 1997 NEWS-ADOPT ENG-020 00-00-1997
Various newspapers Dossier on newspaper clippings on adoption of children from China NEWS-ADOPT ENG-017 00-00-1996
Various newspapers Adoption and identity -1996 NEWS-ADOPT ENG-018 00-00-1996
Various newspapers Dossier on trafficking of children for adoption from Romania NEWS-TRAF EUROPE-001 00-00-1994
Various newspapers International adoption-1990 NEWS-ADOPT ENG-002 00-00-1990
Various sources Documents on the United Nations General Assembly Special Session on Children (Sept 2001) CONF-RIGHTS 2001-01 00-00-2001
VEERMAN Philip E. The Rights of the Child and the Changing Image of Childhood RIGHTS-TOOL -064 00-00-1992
VELEZ OSORIO Aleyda La adopción como una solución al abandono total COM-ADOPT LATAM-002 00-00-1989
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