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Author Title ISS-IRC Code Publish on
Save The Children Sweden Childs rights monitoring at Local Level: A Pre-study in Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Sweden COM-RIGHTS ENG-021 00-00-2007
Save the children UK Keeping children out of harmful institutions TOOL-PRACTICE-ENG-164 00-00-2009
Save the children UK Keeping children out of harmful institutions 00-00-2009
Save the Children; Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs (DEPSOS) A Rapid Assessment of Children's Homes in post-Tsunami Aceh TOOL-CHILD ENG-030 00-00-2006
SAWICKI Tom Israel: The babies from Brazil BIBLIO-NEWS LATAM-016 04-22-1993
SAYN Isabelle l'Adoption d'enfants roumains COM-ROM 023 00-00-1993
SC Dossier of newspaper clippings on adoption in Latin America: Colombia NEWS-ADOPT FRE-003 08-24-1994
SCABINI Eugenia (ed.) Nuovo lessico familiare: Studi interdisciplinari sulla famiglia TOOL-PRACTICE ITA-001 00-00-1995
SCHAAL Florence Recherche enfant passionnément COM-ADOPT FRE-032 00-00-0000
SCHAFFER Judith How to raise an adopted child - a guide to help your child flourish from infancy through adolescence TOOL-PARENTS ENG-002 00-00-1989
SCHAFFER Rudolph H Making Decisions about Children TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-038 00-00-1998
SCHALLER Nicolas Rôle et statut légal de l'intermédiaire à l'adoption CONV-THC ACCREDITATION-023 07-00-1992
SCHERR Leslie Protecting Clients in International Adoptions TOOL-PARENTS ENG-036 00-00-1996
SCHIAVAZZI Vera Quella madre non riavra le figlie? BIBLIO-NEWS LATAM-035 10-12-1989
SCHMIDT Heinz G. Kindermarkt: Reportagen vom schmutzigsten Geschaeft der Welt BIBLIO-Book 241 00-00-1988
SCHMIDT-TIESZEN Ada Children who wait: long term foster care or adoption? TOOL-ADOPT US-048 00-00-1998
SCHOFFIELD Gillian, BEEK Mary The secure base model promoting attachment and rsilience in foster care and adoption TOOL-ADOPT-ENG-110 00-00-2014
SCHOFIELD Gillian Growing up in Foster Care TOOL-ADOPT UK-052 00-00-2000
SCHOFIELD Gillian Child Protection - The Voice of the Child in Decision Making TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-005 00-00-1996
SCHOFIELD Gillian; BEEK Mary Attachment handbook for foster care and adoption TOOL-ADOPT ENG-092 00-00-2006
SCHOOLER Jayne The whole adoption book - realistic advice for building a healthy adoptive family TOOL-PARENTS ENG-007 00-00-1993
SCHOOLER Jayne Searching for a Past: The Adopted Adult's Unique Process of Finding Identity COM-ORIGINS ENG-014 00-00-1995
SCHOOLER Jayne; NORRIS Betsie Journeys after adoption COM-INTL-ADOPT-ENG-053 00-00-2002
SCHWAB Philippe Changer de mère NEWS-ADOPT FRE-015 05-22-2001
SCHWARTZ Laura The Ties that Bind: The French Difference in Adoption Law TOOL-LEG FRA-012 00-00-1993
Schweizerische Fachstelle für Adoption Code d'éthique professionnelle pour l'adoption TOOL-ETHICS 009 11-00-1999
Schweizerische Fachstelle für Adoption (Bureau Suisse pour l'Adoption) Ameliorer la qualité de l'accueil familial et de l'adoption des enfants CONF-ADOPT 2000-002 00-00-2000
Schweizerische Fachstelle für Adoption (Bureau Suisse pour l'Adoption) Démarche qualité en matière de placement familial TOOL-ADOPT CH-003 00-00-2000
SCOTT Emergency and Beyond: A Situation Analysis of Children and Women in Armenia COM-ARM 006 00-00-1994
Scuola di formazione del personale per i minorenni Adozione BIBLIO-PER ITA-002-02 00-00-1992
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