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Author Title ISS-IRC Code Publish on
SACLIER Chantal International Perspectives of Adoption COM-ISS GS-IRC-002 04-00-1993
SACLIER Chantal Derechos del niño y adopción internacional COM-ISS GS-015 00-00-2000
SACLIER Chantal La adopción, un elemento de una política global de protección de la infancia COM-ISS GS-IRC-010 11-00-1997
SACLIER Chantal Les droits de l'enfant, une éthique pour l'adoption COM-ISS GS-IRC-006 04-16-1996
SACLIER Chantal L'Adoption: perspectives européennes COM-ISS GS-IRC-003 06-00-1994
SACLIER Chantal La Convention de la Haye et sa Ratification en Europe COM-ISS GS-IRC-007 11-00-1996
SACLIER Chantal Droits de l'enfant et adoption au Guatemala COM-ISS GS-IRC-034 08-00-2001
SACLIER Chantal Los derechos del niño: una ética para la adopción COM-ISS GS-IRC-005 02-00-1996
SACLIER Chantal Appui à la Roumanie pour la mise en application de la Convention des Nations Unies Relative aux Droits de l'Enfant particulièrement dans l'adoption internationale COM-ISS GS-008 00-00-1991
SAGEOT Claude Droit d'origine: la parole des acteurs COM-ORIGINS FRE-013 00-00-1999
SAINSBURY Eric (Ed.) Working with Children in Need - Studies in Complexity and Challenge TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-015 00-00-1994
SAINT MARS Dominique Nina a été adoptée TOOL-CHILD FRE-001 00-00-1996
SALGO Ludwig Changes in Foster Care Law TOOL-ADOPT ENG-050 00-00-1985
SALHOLTZ F (et al.) The future of Gay America BIBLIO-NEWS NORTHAM-013 03-12-1990
SALLE LEVY Roberta End of residential institutions in Brazil: an appropriate measure for the protection of Children and Adolescents or just a response to an increasing call for de-institutionalization? TOOL-PRACTICE LATAM 00-00-2008
SALLUSTIO Basile Pia's Story: My Brother, my sister sold for a fistful of lire TOOL AUDIO-VIDEO 010 00-00-1999
SALTER Amy Neil The Adopter's Handbook: Information, resources, and services for adoptive parents TOOL-PARENTS ENG-051 00-00-2018
SAMBROOKS Paul Dennis lives with Grandma and Grandpa TOOL-CHILD-ENG-059 00-00-2015
SANCHEZ Fernando Doctrina de protección integral RIGHTS-LATAM ECU-009 00-00-0000
SANTA MARIA Isabel El proceso de la revelación en la situación adoptiva COM-ADOPT LATAM-THESIS-003 00-00-0000
SAUNDERS Hilary; SELWYN Julie Adopting large siblings groups; The experiences of adopters and adoption agencies TOOL-ADOPT-UK- 89 00-00-2011
SAUNDERS Hilary; SELWYN Julie; FURSLAND Eileen Placing large sibling groups foradoption TOOL-PRACTICE-ENG-192 00-00-2013
Save the Abducted Children Committee of Thailand Child abduction: a cross-border organised crime BIBLIO-TRAF ASIA-001 00-00-1987
Save the Children Children's Rights: A Second Chance RIGHTS-TOOL 028 00-00-2001
Save the Children Introducing the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child RIGHTS-TOOL 001 00-00-1990
Save the Children Save the Children and The Separated Children in Europe Programme Position Paper on: Returns and Separated Children RIGHTS-REFUGEE 025 09-00-2004
Save The Children Raising the Standards - Quality childcare provision in east and central Africa TOOL-CHILD ENG-032 00-00-2005
Save The Children Research Project on Children in institutional care: The status of their rights and protection in Sri Lanka. Final narrative Report. COM-RIGHTS ENG-017 09-00-2005
Save the Children Fund (UK) Servicios de Protección a la Niñez RIGHTS-LATAM COL-001 00-00-1999
Save the Children Romania Reintegration of Institutionalized Children in their Natural Families COM-ROM 020 00-00-1997
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