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Author Title ISS-IRC Code Publish on
WADE J.; SIRRIYEH A.; KOHLI R.; SIMMOMDS J. Fostering unaccompanied asylum-seeking young people, creating a family life across a world of difference TOOL-PRACTICE-ENG-204 00-00-2012
WADIA-ELLS Susan (Ed.) The Adoption Reader: Birth Mothers, Adoptive Mothers and Adopted Daughters Tell Their Stories COM-ORIGINS ENG-015 00-00-1995
WALKER Moira Testing the limits of foster care: Fostering as an alternative to secure accommodation TOOL-ADOPT UK-062 00-00-2002
WALLACE Bruce Under suspicion NEWS-TRAF WORLD-004 08-21-1995
WARD A. The birth father's tale COM-ORIGINS-ENG-28 00-00-2012
WARD S Abused boy legacy of heartache and despair BIBLIO-NEWS EUROPE-044 02-22-1993
Washington Post Romania's babies in limbo NEWS-ADOPT ENG-007 05-00-1991
WAT NU? A.S.B.L. WAT NU? A.S.B.L. - Groupe de Contact pour les Parents des Enfants qui ont des Troubles de l'Attachement TOOL-ADOPT BEL-013 00-00-0000
WATSON Lesley Developing post-placement support: a project in Scotland TOOL-ADOPT UK-003 00-00-1996
WAYNE, E. Adoption option COM-ADOPT ENG-061 10-00-2005
WEDGE Peter (ed.) Finding families for hard-to-place children - evidence from research TOOL-ADOPT UK-014 00-00-1986
WEGAR Katarina Adoption, Identity and Kinship: the debate over sealed birth records TOOL-ADOPT US-007 00-00-1997
WEIL Richard International Adoptions: The Quiet Migration COM-INTL-ADOPT ENG-032 00-00-1984
WERNER Doug Adopting in China : a practical guide / an emotional journey COM-INTL-ADOPT ENG-010 00-00-0000
West Midlands Post Adoption Services Post Adoption Services TOOL-RESOURCES UK-026 00-00-2002
WESTHUES Anne Intercountry Adoption in Canada TOOL-ADOPT CAN-003 01-00-1994
WHEAL Ann The Foster Carer's Handbook TOOL-ADOPT UK-026 00-00-1995
WHEAL Ann The family support handbook TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-013 00-00-2002
WHEAL Ann (ed.) Working with parents: Learning from other people's experience TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-064 00-00-2000
WHEAL Ann (Ed.) The RHP Companion to Foster Care TOOL-ADOPT UK-043 00-00-1999
WHEAL Ann (ed.) The RHP companion to leaving care TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-010 00-00-2002
WHITTAKER James K (Ed.) Reaching High-Risk Families: Intensive Family Preservation in Human Services TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-075 00-00-1990
WHO (World Health Organization) Joint UN/WHO meeting of experts on the mental-health aspects of adoption CONF-ADOPT 53-001 09-00-1953
WILSDORF Anne Jujube TOOL-CHILD FRE-004 00-00-2000
WIMAN Ronald Themes from Finland: On the Rights of Children with Special Needs in Changing Europe TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-049 00-00-1994
WINKLER Robin Clinical Practice in Adoption TOOL-ADOPT ENG-030 00-00-1988
WINKLER Robin; VAN KEPPEL Margaret Relinquishing Mothers in Adoption: Their long-term adjustment COM-ADOPT ENG-046 05-00-1984
WINNICOTT D W L'enfant et le monde extérieur: le développement des relations (Original title: The child and the outside world) TOOL-PRACTICE FRE-006 00-00-1957
WINNICOTT Donald W L'enfant et sa famille: les premières relations (Original title:The child and the family) TOOL-PRACTICE FRE-005 00-00-0000
WOLFS R. Adoption conversations, what, when and how to tell TOOL-PRACTICE-ENG-207 00-00-2014
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