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Author Title ISS-IRC Code Publish on
PACHECO Frances An Outcome Study of the Reunion between Adoptees and Biological Parents COM-ORIGINS ENG-009 02-00-1993
PACT (PACT) Parents and Children Together TOOL-RESOURCES UK-016 00-00-0000
PAINEPAN SANDOVAL Beatriz Adopción de niños mayores COM-ADOPT LATAM-THESIS-006 05-00-1993
Pais Newspaper clipping on adoption of children through the Internet TOOL-ETHICS INTERNET-006 00-00-1996
PALACIOS Jesús; SÁNCHEZ-SANDOVAL Yolanda; LEÓN Esperanza Adopción internacional en España: un nuevo país, una nueva vida COM-INTL-ADOPT ESP-010 00-00-2005
PANDIT N Inter-country adoption - the Indian view BIBLIO-Book 396 00-00-1993
PANTER-BRICK Catherine (Ed.) Abandoned Children TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-052 00-00-2000
PAQUETTE, Francine À chaque enfant son projet de vie permanent - Un programme d' intervention TOOL-PRACTICE CAN-001 09-00-2003
PARC (Post Adoption Resource Centre) Post-Adoption Resource Centre TOOL-RESOURCES AUS-001 00-00-0000
PARDECK John Children's Rights: Policy and Practice RIGHTS-TOOL 034 00-00-2002
Parent Network for the Post-Institutionalized Child International Adoption: Challenges and Opportunities COM-INTL-ADOPT ENG-043 00-00-1999
Parents Adoption: ces bebes qu'on achete BIBLIO-NEWS EUROPE-045 01-00-1985
Parents La scandaleuse verite BIBLIO-NEWS WORLD 020 12-00-1984
Parents L'adoption est-elle vraiment impossible en France? BIBLIO-NEWS EUROPE-043 00-00-0000
PARKER R.A Desicion in child care. A study of prediction in fostering TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-014 00-00-1966
PARRA-ARANGUREN G. Convention of 29 May 1993 on protection of children and co-operation in respect of intercountry adoption: Explanatory Report CONV-THC 003 05-00-1994
PARRA-ARANGUREN G. International co-operation and protection of children in respect of intercountry adoption- Preliminary Draft Convention adopted by the Special Commission and Report CONV-THC PREP-006 09-00-1992
PARRY -WILLIAMS, John A child care policy standards framework in relation to both residential care & Community-based care in Vietnam TOOL-CHILD ENG-033 11-00-2004
Participant from Hungary Ethical code for foster carers TOOL-ETHICS 005 09-00-1996
PASCUAS VARGAS María del Rocío Relatos de adopción COM-ADOPT LATAM-008 00-00-1998
PASINI W (ed.) Les enfants des couples stériles COM-ADOPT FRE-021 00-00-1985
PATON, Laura; MUNRO, Gilian Children's Rights Impact Assessment: The Scotland's Commisioner for Children and Young People COM-RIGHTS ENG-013 10-00-2006
Patronato Nacional de la Infancia (PANI) Collection of leaflets on adoption process in Costa Rica TOOL-ADOPT LATAM-CRI-002 00-00-0000
Patronato Nacional de la Infancia (PANI) Application forms for adoption TOOL-FORM LATAM-CRI-001 00-00-0000
Patronato Nacional de la Infancia (Pani) Requisitos para la acreditation de las agencias de adopción CONV-THC ACCREDITATION-025 00-00-0000
Patronato Nacional de la Infancia (PANI) Controles nacionales e internacionales en la adopción de niños CONV-THC PREP-012 00-00-1991
Patronato Nacional de la Infancia (PANI) Collection of documents on adoption process assessment TOOL-ADOPT LATAM-CRI-001 00-00-0000
Patronato Nacional de la Infancia (PANI) Requisitos para la acreditación de agencias internacionales de adopción en Costa Rica CONV-THC ACCREDITATION-020 00-00-0000
PATTERSON Charlotte Children of Lesbian and Gay Parents COM-ADOPT SAME-GENDER ENG-001 10-00-1992
PAUL Jeannette; ANDERMATT Brigit Wir Hanna und Madame Schwein zu ihren Eltern Kamen TOOL-CHILD-GER-01 00-00-2011
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