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Author Title ISS-IRC Code Publish on
E. FURSLAND The adopter's handbook on therpay TOOL-PRACTICE-ENG-217 00-00-2016
E. Fursland Supporting education TOOL-PRACTICE-ENG-216 00-00-2015
Eastern European Adoption Coalition Questions to Ask Your Child's Caregivers TOOL-ADOPT ENG-060 00-00-2002
Ecole des Parents Association en Faveur de l'Adoption Internationale (AFAI) TOOL-RESOURCES CH-002 00-00-0000
Economist (The) Love for sale NEWS-ADOPT ENG-001 05-31-1986
EDELSTEIN Children with prenatal alcohol and/or other drug exposure: weighing the risks of adoption TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-011 00-00-1995
EDMONDS P Woman's love vs. tribe's cultural quest BIBLIO-NEWS NORTHAM-001 07-05-1994
Edna McConnell Clark Foundation Keeping Families Together and Children Safe - Facts on Intensive Family Preservation Services TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-071 10-00-1994
Educateur L'adoption- les revers de la médaille NEWS-ADOPT FRE-012 07-00-1996
Educateur Dossier: Adoption BIBLIO-NEWS WORLD-021 00-00-1991
EFCW (European Forum for Child Welfare) Eurochild PER-BEL 01 00-00-1999
EFCW (European Forum for Child Welfare) Implications for Adoption (1993) CONF-ADOPT 93-006 00-00-1993
EFCW General Secretariat European Forum for Child Welfare TOOL-RESOURCES WORLD-004 00-00-2001
EGENAU Paulo El proceso de ser padres adoptivos TOOL-PARENTS ESP-003 00-00-1990
EHRLICH FINKELSTEIN Nadia Children and Youth in Limbo - A Search for Connections TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-017 00-00-1991
EISENBLATTER Peter The History and Causes of Intercountry Adoptions in a "Receiving Country" COM-INTL-ADOPT ENG-016 04-00-1992
EISENBLATTER Peter Abandoned children in developing countries. Foreign adoption as a solution-are there better alternatives? BIBLIO-COM INTL-ADOPT ENG-008 00-00-0000
EISENBRUCH Maurice The Mental Health of Refugee Children and their Cultural Development RIGHTS-REFUGEE 017 00-00-1988
El Pais Los españoles que "compren" niños rumanos no podrán inscribirlos en ningun registro BIBLIO-NEWS EUROPE-012 11-06-1996
El Universal Adopciones desde el exterior no se contemplan en la ley NEWS-TRAF LATAM-011 02-24-1996
Elaine Petitat-Côté - IBFAN-GIFA Child Rights and Health NGOS Making a difference - An Analysis if the CRC Commitee´s concluding observations COM-RIGHTS ENG-005 00-01-2005
ELDRIDGE Sherrie Twenty things adopted kids wish their adoptive parents knew TOOL-PARENTS ENG-044 00-00-1999
ELDRIDGE Sherrie Twenty Life-Transforming Choices Adoptees Need to Make TOOL-CHILD ENG-023 00-00-2003
ELDRIDGE Sherrie Parents de coeur COM-ADOPT-FRE-84 00-00-2003
ELLNEBY Ylva Steps of Child Development: A pedagogical method for working with children's motor and perceptual development TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-089 00-00-1990
Enfance et Familles d'adoption Enfants de Colombie PER-ADOPT FRA-01-009 05-00-1991
Enfance et familles d'adoption Adoption et éthique: Ethique et familles - Ethique et cultures - Ethique et droit PER-ADOPT FRA-01-36 02-00-2001
Enfance et Familles d'Adoption L'abécédaire du postulant à l'adoption PER-ADOPT FRA-01-020 00-00-1996
Enfance et familles d'adoption Accueil BIBLIO-PER FRA-001-08 11-00-1992
Enfance et Familles d'Adoption Les oeuvres d'adoption (historique, fonctionnement, réglementation, ressources, témoignages) PER-ADOPT FRA-01-016 09-00-1994
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