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Author Title ISS-IRC Code Publish on
CABRAL Claudia (organizer) Acolhimento Familiar Experiências e Perspectivas TOOL-ADOPT LATAM-BRA 004 00-00-2005
CADENA RAMILA Ramón New forms of violence against children: a report on the trafficking of children and international adoptions in Guatemala (Draft Report) TRAF-LATAM 003 00-00-1994
CADORET Anne Parenté plurielle: Anthropologie du placement familial COM-ADOPT FRE-037 00-00-1995
CADORET Anne Figures d'homoparentalité COM-ADOPT SAME-GENDER FRE-012 00-00-2000
CAHN Naomi R.; HEIFETZ HOLLINGER Joan; ROSS Catherine J.; KUNZEL Regina G. BEREBITSKY Julie... Families by Law; an Adoption Reader TOOL-ADOPT ENG-US-055 00-00-2004
CAIPA Martha Seguimiento o acompañamiento TOOL-ADOPT LATAM-COL-001 00-00-2002
CAIRNS Brian Fostering Attachments: Long-term outcomes in family group care TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-142 00-00-2004
CAIRNS Kate Attachment, trauma and resilience: Therapeutic caring for children TOOL-PRACTICE ENG-098 00-00-2002
Caisse nationale des Allocations familiales Heurts et bonheurs de l'adoption Nº 146 PER-ADOPT FRA 01-64 03-00-2008
CALCETAS-SANTOS Ofelia Rights of the Child: the Sale of children, child prostitution and child pornography UN-DOCS 008 00-00-2000
CALCETAS-SANTOS Ofelia Report of a Mission to Guatemala TRAF-LATAM 016 01-00-2000
CALLAGY Eric Adoption and Foster Care: NGO Meeting Highlights International Adoption PER-CH 01-001 00-00-1987
CALLE GALAN Hugo El vinculo padres-recien nacido. Es un factor protector para el maltrato infantil ? TOOL-PRACTICE LATAM-ECU-018 11-00-2000
CAMACHO DE CHAVARRIA Alfonsina Formas de control de las adopciones BIBLIO-TRAF LATAM-017 04-00-1991
Cámara de Diputados de Argentina La Violencia en la Familia BIBLIO-COM ESP-001 00-00-0000
Cambridge University Psychology - New and forthcoming titles TOOL-CHILD ENG-026 00-00-2006
CAMDESSUS Brigitte L'adoption: une aventure familiale COM-ADOPT FRE-007 00-00-1995
CAMIS Jean My life and me TOOL-CHILD ENG-020 00-00-2001
CAMPBELL Lee Reunions between Adoptees and Birth Parents: The Adoptee's Experience COM-ORIGINS ENG-007 07-00-1991
CAMPOITTI A. Bebes sri-lankais a vendre BIBLIO-NEWS ASIA-010 01-29-1987
Canadian Association of social workers Social Media Use and Social Work Practice TOOL-PRACTICE-ENG-193 00-00-2014
Canadian Coalition for the Rights of Children Canada and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: Developing a Monitoring Framework RIGHTS-TOOL 011 00-00-1997
Canadian Government (British Columbia) Adoption fees regulation CONV-THC ACCREDITATION FEES-00 11-04-1996
CANAULT Comment le désir de naître vient au foetus TOOL-PRACTICE FRE-035 00-00-0000
CANTWELL Nigel The New Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption: Will it Work? CONV-THC COM-005 00-00-1993
CANTWELL Nigel Combating the Trafficking and Sale of Children - A DCI programme for 1993 -1995 TRAF-WORLD 001 00-00-1992
CANTWELL Nigel Modern trends in inter-country adoption COM-INTL-ADOPT ENG-012 00-00-1991
CANTWELL Nigel Starting from Zero: The Promotion and Protection of Children's Rights in Post-Genocide Rwanda - July 1994 - December 1996 RIGHTS-REFUGEE 019 00-00-1997
CANTWELL Nigel The internnational scenario: the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption CONV-THC COM-030 10-00-2002
CANTWELL Nigel The best interests of the child in intercuntry adoption COM-INTL-ADOPT-ENG-58 00-00-0000
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