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Title Staying Connected. Managing contact arrangements in adoption
Author ARGENT Hedi (Ed.)
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Date published/issue 00-00-2002
Date received 00-00-0000
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Publisher British Association for Adoption and Fostering, Skyline House, 200 Union Street, London SE1 0LX, Uni
Page 246
ISBN 1 903699 12 6
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Index Fam-orig-post-adopt-sup
Free text Collection of articles which develop the different issues associated with contact arrangements in situations where children have been placed permanently outside their family of origin. These go over the different forms of contact, the services in place to provide the framework and support needed with contact arrangements, the difficulties found in each case - including preparing the children for contact, but also the benefits to the children and their families. The situation of contact in intercountry adoption is discussed in two very different chapters - The Paraguayan Connection which is an account of a family's return to Paraguay to meet their daughter's birth family and the beneficial effects this experience had for their adopted daughter and Remaining connected: From an overseas adoption perspective which points out the real difficulties in contact arrangements arising from the enormous socio-cultural differences combined with issues of poverty that are often part of an intercountry adoption story.

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