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Title Monitoring children's rights
Author VERHELLEN Eugeen (ed. by)
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Date published/issue 00-00-1994
Date received 00-00-0000
Place published NETHERLANDS
Editor Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
Publisher Kluwer Law International P.O. Box 85889, 2508 CN The Hague, The Netherlands
Page 940
ISBN 90-411-0162-4
Type of material Book
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Index Child-rights
Free text This book, containing the contributions made and discussed at the European Conference on Monitoring Children's Rights (organized by Gent University's Children's Rights Centre), wishes to discuss, in a wider scientific forum, the results of interdisciplinary research into monitoring. The contents are : Preface; E. Verhellen. List of Contributors: Part I. List of Contributors: Part II. Part I: Foreword; S.S. Basta. 1. General. 2. The Content of Monitoring. 3. Formal and Procedural Aspects of Monitoring. 4. Self-executive Force. 5. Conclusion. Part 2: 1. The Opinion of Children about their Rights. 2. Children's Participation. 3. Childhood Policies and Monitoring Children's Rights. 4. International Monitoring Procedures. 5. Regional and National Implementation of the Convention on The Rights of the Child. 6. The Role of NGOs in Monitoring and Implementing the Convention. 7. National Monitoring Mechanisms: The Role of Ombudswork. 8. Children's Legal Rights and Legal Assistance. 9. Education. 10. Residential Care. 12. Exploitation of Children. 13. Street Children. 14. Children in Armed Conflict. Appendices. Name Index. Subject Index.

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