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Title Materiales para la preparación de solicitantes de adopción
Author Generalitat Valenciana
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Date published/issue 00-00-1999
Date received 00-00-0000
Place published SPAIN
Publisher Generalitat Valeciana, Consellería de Benestar Social, Direcció General de la Familia i Adopcions,
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Language of document Spanish

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Country concerned SPAIN
Index Prepa-adoption-paps
Free text Collection of guides used in the programme for preparation of prospective adoptive parents to adoption. The materials include: 1- "Manual del formador"; 2- booklests to be used in three different sessions: a- Padres y madres adoptivos, b- Nuestros sentimientos, esperanzas y temores, c- Paternidad psicológica: el encuentro inicial y lo que viene despues; with the dossier - a set of transparencies for training professionals to use during sessions. Included with these documents is a guide for evaluating the elligibility of prospective adoptive parents with its corresponding disquette: Bases para la valoración psicosocial de solicitantes de adopción. Different sections include: information gathering, criteria for elligibility, elaboration of the psychosocial report. Annex I is a sample of form to be used for gathering information; annex II is a guide for the content of the report.Vamos a ser familia adoptiva is a book giving advice and recommendations for new parents, including specific problems arising from adoption of children of a different racial or cultural origin. Second edition of the Guía para la adopción contains all the information needed by families in the Comunidad Valenciana contemplating an adoption, including internationally; this guide contains country files with background information on each one, as well as information on adoption procedure and requirements.

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