Catalogue by titles / La protection de l'enfant privé ou en risque d'être privé de sa famille d'origine

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Title La protection de l'enfant privé ou en risque d'être privé de sa famille d'origine
Author International Social Service ISS-Italy
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Date published/issue 03-00-2004
Date received 00-00-0000
Place published SWITZERLAND
Publisher International Social Service
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Language of document French

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Document description Guide
Country concerned ALBANIA
Index Adoption-domestic-promote
Free text Document reflecting the contents of seminars organized for the Commission on Intercountry Adoptions, Italian Central Authority, by the International Social Service: ISS-Italy, IRC/ISS (International Resource Centre for the Protection of Children in Adoption, of the ISS General Secretariat) and delegation of ISS-Albania. These seminars took place in November 2002 and April 2003 and brought together international experts (Anne-Marie Crine, psychologist-Belgium, Isabelle Lammerant, jurist-Belgium, Ana Libri, sociaé worker, ISS-Italy, Fatmira Luli, jurist-Albania, Chantal Saclier, IRC/ISS-France, Robert Vitillo, social worker-USA, Helen Humphrey, social worker-UK, and Silvia Nabinger, social worker and jurist-Italy/Brazil), the members of the Albanian Central Authority (CAA/ACA) and its executive personnel, representatives of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, of the Ministry of Justice, of the Ministry of Interior, international and national NGOs, professionals in charge of children's institutions, maternities and hospitals, professionals in charge of social services of various regions and municipalities with implications for protection of children and support to families. Section I concerns the normal development of the child, including issues of attachment - table of child's physical and emotional needs and effects of lack of awareness and delivery proper care, particularly in situations of institutionalization. Chapter II - enumerates children's rights that are often not respected. Chapter III - priority should be given to prevention of abandonment and re-integration in the family of origin, as well as support to these families, particularly mothers. Chapter IV elaborates on permanency planning for the child and how to achieve this. Chapter V concerns temporary measures to be envisaged before re-insertion of the child into his/her family of origin; this includes careful assessment of institutionalization and its need - alternatives to institutionalization; work toward maintaining contact of the child with hi/her family of origin. Section II - on adoption, determining adoptability, information on the child. Chapter II - Recommendations of participants in respect to national adoption - Paps elligibility, preparation, matching. Chapter III on International adoption - international conventions; situation in Albania - recommendations.

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