Catalogue by titles / La Convention de La Haye du 29 mai 1993: Analyse juridique

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Title La Convention de La Haye du 29 mai 1993: Analyse juridique
Author LAMMERANT Isabelle
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Date published/issue 03-00-2000
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Page 9 p
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Free text Presentation by Isabelle Lammerant at the seminar on the Protection of the Child through Adoption - Belgian and Vietnamese Legislations and Practices in Line with the Hague Convention of 1993 (free translation of title) (Hanoi, 27-29 March 2000). On the Hague Convention of 1993 - a legal analysis including: its universal dimension; its ethical dimension; international cooperation; the delegation of certain tasks in the process of adoption to public entities; the delegation of tasks to authorized adoption agencies in both countries concerned; the delegation (problematic) to non-authorized profit-making entities; specific and concrete mechanism for adoptions in line with the Convention; implementation of the Convention; the responsibility of the country of origin; the responsibility of the receiving country; the "matching" process; adoption procedure and follow-up of adoptive family; total recognition of adoptions carried out according to the Convention

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