Catalogue by titles / la "nuova" devianza minorile e l'inadeguatezza dei genitori

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ISS/IRC Code PER-ITA 01-003
Title la "nuova" devianza minorile e l'inadeguatezza dei genitori
Author Associazioe italiana del magistrati per i minorenni e per la famiglia
Generic unit Minori giustizia N.01/2007

General information
Date published/issue 00-00-2007
Date received 00-00-0000
Place published ITALY
Publisher FrancoAngeli, Viale Monza 106, 20127 Milano, Italy
Page 272
Price 14 €
Type of material Periodical
Language of document Italian

Document information
Document description Commentaries
Country concerned ITALY
Index Child-rights
Free text This issue has as table as subjects: junenile justice issues; education in detention settings; education relationship and intervention at school; the project "Giovane cittadinanza; sanctions or recuperation.

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Degree of interest Of interest
Work area Miscellaneous
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