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Title Family Stress and the Effectiveness of In-Home Intervention
Author CAUTLEY Patricia
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Date published/issue 00-00-2001
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Publisher Family Relations
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Free text Intensive in-home treatment of families at risk is studied and the outcomes analysed and assessed for the purpose of checking how effective this could be in reducing "stress" factors in these families. Through observation of parent-child interaction (mainly mothers) and feedback sessions which help emphasize the improvement of parents child management skills, the social work team hope to shift interaction to a more positive one. The section "Sources of Stress in Client Families" points to professional workers separation of causes as 1- parenting behaviour or 2- problems in the child's behaviour. Other stress ratings referred to 1- internal causes- such as unemployment of the father, difficult pre-school child or 2- external causes- such as school threats because of bad behaviour of the child or agency threat because of alleged abuse of neglect of the child. At the end of in-home treatment, observations showed that, even though outcome groups were not homogeneous, there was improvement in parenting skills and enjoyment in a significant number of participants with the desire to continue treatment.

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