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Partner DCI code 4010
Title Dossier: l'enfant
Author Forum
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Date published/issue 01-00-1989
Date received 00-00-0000
Place published FRANCE
Publisher Council of Europe
Page p 9-
Type of material Periodical
Language of document French

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Country concerned CHINA
Index Conv-europe
Free text In DCI collection of Council of Europe publications: Forum, a publication of the Council of Europe, examines the problems of children. Titles of chapters: the child in Europe; children's rights; protection of the child in Europe; the influence of TV or cinema violence on the child and the adolescent; sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children; the child is a person; the adoption of a third world child; China: one couple, one child; street children in Kinshasa; the social integration of the disabled child; to render secondary education more human; the child soldier. Protection of the child in Europe was contributed by Mrs. Lucker-Babel of DCI.

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