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Title Children in permanent foster care in Sweden
Author ANDERSSON Gunvor
Generic unit Child and Family Social Work, vol 4, n° 3

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Date published/issue 08-00-1999
Date received 00-00-0000
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Publisher Blackwell
Page pp.
ISBN 1356-7500
Type of material Monograph
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Country concerned SWEDEN
Index Foster-care
Free text Concerns a selection of findings from a research project entitled 'Is there a difference in being a foster child?'. The perception of permanency in the absence of a legal option of permanency is discussed. Foster children aged 10-11 were interviewed three times and the children's perspective was focused on, complemented by the perspective of their foster parent(s). When interviewed about their relationship to their natural family as well as to the foster family, and about having a sense of family belonging and expectations for the future, 11 of the 22 children perceived their stay in the foster home as permanent and regarded themselves as belonging only to the foster family, although all of the children had contact with their birth parents.

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