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Title Child Protection and Care: Trends and Prospects
Author KONDYLI Dimitra (ed.)
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Date published/issue 00-00-1994
Date received 00-00-0000
Place published GREECE
Publisher Papasissis Publishers
Page 221
ISBN 960 02 1039 X
Type of material Book
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Document description Commentaries
Country concerned GREECE
Index Child-rights
Free text Publication dedicated to the International Year of the Family (1994) containing a collection of articles from presentations at the European Conference on "Child Protection and Care: Trends and Prospects", organised by the National Welfare Organization of Greece in collaboration with UNICEF. Among the titles from a variety of authors are The rights of children in a changing world by Robert Pinker of London School of Economics and Political Sciences; Children and Family Breakdown by Elsa Ferri of the Social Statistic Research Unit , City University, London; The Protection of Children outsise their Natural Familiesby Helen Agathonos-Georgopoulou, Director, Department of Family Relations, Institute of Child Health, Athens; The Protection of Children in Care by John Fitzgerald, Director and Secretary of the Bridge Child Care Consultancy Service, London .

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