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Title After safety, what is the goal of child welfare services: permanency, family continuity or social benefit
Author BARTH R.P.
Generic unit International Journal of Social Welfare, vol 8, n°

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Date published/issue 10-00-1999
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Publisher Blackwell Publishers Ltd
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ISBN 1369-6866
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Free text Child welfare services have multiple goals, including child protection, family continuity and achievement of legal permanency so children can end their involvement with child welfare services and have a lifetime family. These goals are not all achievable to the same extent in all cases, American child welfare policy has, in the last few years, become more definitive about the priority of child protection above family preservation. Now, situations which involve safety risks that are too great do not require any efforts at reunifying children to their biological homes. Less clear in American child welfare policy and practice is the value to be placed on other factors - particularly when a child cannot return home and will need an alternative adoptive family. Practitioners often emphasize family continuity- that is, the opportunity to maintain contact with the biological parent and extended family members - as a key decision making consideration. Yet, family continuity does not necessarily predict a successful transition to adulthood that is healthy for children or provides social benefits to the community. This paper explores the rationale for expanding child welfare decision making criteria by adding longer-term outcomes and the likelihood that children will eventually generate social benefits.

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