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Title The forsaken child. Essays on group care and individual therapy
Author ZIMMERMAN Patrick
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Date published/issue 00-00-2000
Date received 00-00-0000
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Publisher Haworth Press
Page 143
ISBN 0 7890 1318 5
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Country concerned UNITED STATES
Index Child-care
Free text This book is a compilation of selected essays on the delivery of group care and individual treatment services for young people : Youth in Residential Care : From War Nursery to Therapeutic Milieu ; From Disciplinary Control to Bening Milieu in Children's Residential Treatment, Psycotherapy in Residential Treatment : The Human Toll of Scientism and Managed Care. The selection of essays concludes with a presentation of two extended clinical case presentation : The Little Turtle's Progress : On Psycotherapy in Residential Treatment, provides a detailed description of a long-term individual psychoterapy case of a young child in residential care ; Desperation and Hope in the Analysis of a "Thrown-Away" Adolescent Boy presents an extended commentary on the successful psychoanalysis of an abandoned, depressed, often rageful adolescent boy in residential care.

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