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Title Taking Extra Care: Respite, shared and permanent care for children with disabilities
Author ARGENT Hedi
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Date published/issue 00-00-1997
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Publisher British Agencies for Adopion and Fostering, Skyline House, 200 Union Street, London SE1 0LX, United
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Free text Guide intended to help social work professionals in making decisions for the care of disabled children who cannot stay with their families of origin. Philippa Russell and Leslie Watson present legislation which has affected the way services for disabled children have developed. Different sections in the book include: Identifying the children and assessing needs - which describes the elements a social work professional (or team) would take into consideration to determine the care needs for a specific child; Finding and recruiting substitute families - reflects the varying types of substitute families that are available to special needs children, which may depend on the motivation, life histories, professional backgrounds, age etc. of carers; Training, preparation, introductions and support - describes the necessary period for a family to learn about the disability and to be introduced to the child, in addition to their right to receive support and respite once they have taken on the responsibility of care; the section on Residential Care describes the different styles that can exist and how the children's needs are met in each case. In sections Working with disabled children before, during and after placement and Working with parents, this necessary aspect of the process of placement is discussed. Disruption or failure of placement is discussed in the Postcript: when things don't work out. Appendix A compiles Adoption information - that should be available for the child, the parents and the adopters. Appendix B is a Checklist for social workers. Appendix C is a Glossary of disabilities and implications for care

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