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Title Successful Korean Adoptions: The Spencer Study
Author SPENCER Marietta
Generic unit Adoption/Medical News

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Date published/issue 00-00-2001
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Publisher Adoption/Medical News, P.O. Box 1253, State College, PA 16804-
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Country concerned UNITED STATES
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Free text The author of the Spencer Study, Marietta E. Spencer, is a medical social worker who is the author of books, pamphlets and materials in the field of adoption, as well as being a consultant in post-adoption services. Adoption/Medical News presents an interview with Mrs. Spencer where she presents results from her study which contains detailed information on issues affecting persons adopted from Korea and of interest to those who are considering adopting children from Asia. The interview is published in four issues of this publication: June 2001, Part One - Introducing the Study; July/August 2001, Part Two - Data About Adult Adopted Persons; September/October 2001, Part three - Responses of Parents of Young Adults Adopted from Korea; November/December 2001, Part four - Family Issues Related to Korean Adoptions. The Editor's note in conclusion of the interviews stresses the positive findings in the study, from the point of view of the feelings of parents and of the adopted persons about the outcomes of the adoptions. (Full document filed with Periodical Adoption Medical News - USA)

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