Catalogue by countries / Mine - yours - ours and theirs: Adoption, changing kinship and family patterns

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Title Mine - yours - ours and theirs: Adoption, changing kinship and family patterns
Author RYGVOLD Anne-Lise (ed.)
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Date published/issue 00-00-1999
Date received 00-00-0000
Place published NORWAY
Publisher Department of Special Needs Education, University of Oslo, P.O. Box 1140 Blindern, 0317 Oslo, Norway
Page 266
ISBN 82 90363 788
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Document description Report-Conf
Country concerned AUSTRALIA
Index Interacial
Free text Report of an international conference on Adoption, changing kinship and family patterns, (Oslo, Norway, May 6 - 8, 1999) under the auspices of the Department of Special Education of the University of Oslo and the Norwegian Ministry of Children and Family Affairs. The report presents presentations and papers covering a variety of themes related to adoption from a number of participants involved in the field of adoption. 1- Inter-country adoption: Global trade or global gift?, by John Triseliotis of the University of Edinburgh; 2- Biologizing and de-biologizing kinship: some paradoxes in Norwegian transnational adoption, by Signe Howell, University of Oslo; 3- Seeking 'Baby Right': Race, class, and gender in US international adoption, by Christine Ward Gailey, Department of Women's Studies, University of California, Riverside; 4- Interaction in adoptive families: About similarity and belonging, by Monica Dalen, University of Oslo; 5- Adoptive identity development: New kinship patterns, New issues, by Harold D. Grotevant, University of Minnesota; 6- Some thoughts about social implications for institutionalised children, by Torhild M. Andersen, Children of the World, Oslo, Norway; 7- Refugee children re-united with their bilogical parents, unaccompanied refugee children and children with a traumatic background adopted overseas: Some risk factors in their placements, by Amalia Carli, University of Oslo, Norway; 8- Is blodd thicker than water? A discussion of how the rootmetaphor 'blood is thicker than water' is expressed in Danish adoptive kinship, by Inger Brith Cristensen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark; 9- Teenage psychosocial adjustment of child adoptees in Finland - Preliminary results, by Nina Forsten-Lindman, Äbo Akademi, Finland; 10- Meaning of biological and ethnic origin in adoptees born abroad, by Malin Irhammar, PhD, Kristianstad University, Sweden; 11- The Adoptive family in a motivational system perspective, by Lotta Landerholm, Stockholm, Sweden; Intercountry adoption in the UK: Families' experiences of the adoption process, by Kathy Mason, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England; 12- Better or worse? Intercountry adopted children's language and academic skills, by Anne-Lise Rygvold, University of Oslo, Norway; 13- The demography of intercountry adoption, by Peter Selman, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, England; 14- Individual but in-complete: Adoption, identity and the quest for wholeness, by Jon Telfer, University of Adelaide, Australia

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