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Title Models of Adoption Support. What works and what doesn't.
Author ARGENT Hedi (Ed.)
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Date published/issue 03-00-2003
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Free text Collection of articles on the subject of post-adoption support as it concerns the UK. These articles include "A wish list", by Helen Wilkins Oakwater which tries to include what each of the three parties in adoption would wish for in adoption support. In "Providing effective adoption support - a new model for a new Act", Jeffrey Coleman states concerns on a number of issues that need to be addressed by the Government concerning adoption support services for families. In "Understanding normality in adoptive family life: the role of peer group support", Kay Chamberlain and Jane Horne point to the importance of providing interaction between adoptive families as a form of support. The needs of mothers who have lost children through adoption are met through the programme: "The Nottingham Drop In", described by Jenny Jackson. The work of ATRAP (Association for Transracially Adopted and Fostered People) is described by Perlita Harris in "Am I alone in this grief?" Training, financial and practical assistance, health guidance and respite care are some of the subjects referred to in "Adoption support for disabled children and their families", by Hedi Argent. Issues of mental health, identity and attachment issues in adoption are dealt with in "Therapeutic approaches in adoption", by Stephen Scott and Caroline Lindsey and in "A model of post-placement therapy and support for adoptive families", by Alan Burnell and Jay Vaughan. "Health and adoption support", by Mary Mather stresses the importance of health information in adoptive placements. A complete medical history for the child, as far as this is possible, is of great value both for the adoptive parents and the adoptee in future. The education aspects of placement are discussed in "Adoption support from an education adviser", by Michael Prior. "Adoption support services for adults" are discussed in the article by Julia Feast.

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