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Title Making Decisions about Children
Author SCHAFFER Rudolph H
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Date published/issue 00-00-1998
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Publisher Blackwell Publishers Inc. 350 Main Street, Malden, Massachusetts 02148, USA
Page 263
ISBN 0 631 20259 5
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Index Education-child-needs
Free text Second edition of this book (1990/1998). The author reviews and comments on recent research findings in the field of child development and family life and applies it to a number of issues faced by practitioners who must make decisions involving children. In Part II: Children and their families, he addresses research into the issue of "blood bond" and whether the biological relationship should be given priority as opposed to an adoptive relationship when making decisions in the best interest of children. Other issues examined in this book: When do children form attachments to other people? How long can the formation of the first attachment be delayed? When does maternal bonding occur? Should mothering be confined to one person? Do women make better parents than men? Do children need a parent of each sex? Does separation from parents cause psychological trauma? Does maternal deprivation bring about long-term damage? Should mothers go out to work? Is group day care bad for young children? Are children harmed by their parents divorce? Can children form love relationship to new parent-figures? Is the traditional nuclear family essential to the development of psychological health? Do early problems continue into laterlife? Who are the vulnerable children?

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