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Title Adoption and Ethics: The Impact of Adoption on Members of the Triad (Vol 3)
Author FREUNDLICH Madelyn
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Date published/issue 00-00-2001
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Publisher Child Welfare League of America, Inc., 440 First Street, NW, Third Floor, Washington, DC 20001-2085,
Page 198
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Free text Madelyn Freundlich (formerly served as executive director of the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute) is now policy director of Children's Rights Inc., New York. This book is the third in the series produced by the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute and published by the CWLA on ethical issues associated with adoption. It focuses on the impact that adoption practices (past and present) and conflictive values/interests may have on each member of the adoption triad - how the adopted person may be affected in the development of her personal identity; how birth parents may be affected by the way society views relinquishment; how adoptive parents achieve adjustment to a non-traditional way of achieving parenthood. The author comments on international adoption and the little attention given to the birth parents of children adopted internationally. She gives examples of some reports on the causes of abandonment in mothers from Latin America, China, Japan and Korea, as well as the psychological impact of relinquishment in some of these mothers. Birth parents in Russia and Eastern Europe are believed to have had to face difficult economic circumstances that have influenced their decision.

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