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Title Les enjeux de l'adoption à l'étranger: approche multidisciplinaire
Author ROMAN Pascal (sous la direction de)
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Date published/issue 00-00-2005
Date received 00-00-0000
Place published FRANCE
Publisher Editions Jeunesse et droit, 16, Passage Gatbois, 75012 Paris, France
Page 165
ISBN 2-930176-51-2
Type of material Book
Language of document French

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Country concerned FRANCE
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Free text This book presents a study on international adoption lead by Pascal Roman (psychologist and professor of psychology at University Lumière-Lyon 2). The study is based on about 50 real situations and fits in a theoritical framework which discusses the problematics related to international adoption with a pluridisciplinary approach (sociological, historical, juridical, psychological...). More specifically, the research discusses the problems related to adoptive filiation, notably the suffering of the child (does it need a specific treatment?) The book starts with a presentation of the debates related to international adoption from a psychological point of view and a presentation of the research. Pluridisciplinary approaches complete then this point of view. A third section discusses the results of the research with a particular interst for the dynamic (and the suffering) of international adoptive filiation. A last section developps the nature and the quality of the relations created during the follow up of the children and their family.

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