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ISS/IRC Code PER-FRA 01-008
Title Les abus sexuels dans les institutions
Author TOMKIEWICZ Stanislaw
Generic unit Enfance Majuscule

General information
Date published/issue 02-00-2002
Date received 00-00-0000
Place published FRANCE
Publisher France Majuscule, Fédération Alexis Danan, 2, place Bir Hakeim, 92100 Boulogne, France
Page pp 1
Type of material Monograph
Language of document French

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Country concerned FRANCE
Index Sexual-education
Free text January - February 2002 issue of this French publication dedicated to the current concern with the discovery of the prevalence of cases of sexual abuse and exploitation of children in France. Stanislaw Tomkiewics' article concerns reported or discovered cases of sexual abuse in institutions. The author warns of the need to proceed with caution when investigating reported cases of abuse, and believes that these issues must be discussed in the society as a whole, young people must be given the tools to defend themselves against abuse with proper sexual education.

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