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ISS/IRC Code PER-FRA 02-01
Partner code 2663
Title La Lettre de l'IDEF
Author Institut de l'enfance et de la famille
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Date published/issue 09-00-1991
Date received 00-00-0000
Place published FRANCE
Publisher Institut de l'enfance et de la famille
Type of material Periodical
Language of document French

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Document description Commentaries
Country concerned FRANCE
Index Conv-crc-implement
Free text Received regularly since 1991 - Monthly publication on all aspects of family life and the situation of children mostly in France. In the "Chronique de la Convention" which appears in most issues there are references to violations of children's rights in the world and programs set up to help in the "diffusion" of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in France. Extensive bibliography on related subjects. In 1991: June-July issue- article on child care in Europe. August-September issue (no 57) mentions in the "Chronique de la Convention" DCI and ISS's mission of experts to Romania and their report on international adoption of Romanian children; "Baby Hotel" opened in Perpignan where parents can leave their children a few days or a weekend when needed. October issue introduces the Centro de Estudios del Menor in Spain dedicated to childhood issues in that country; article on poverty in France and how it affects children. Copy of article from No 64, April 1992 issue: Les limites de l'adoption internationale. Earlier single issue, March 1990 ( No 43), contains a review of the book by Catherine Bonnet on anonymous deliveries in France " Accouchement sous X " - Geste d'amour.

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