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Title Five simple guidelines to help your children understand their friends in adoptive families
Author Adoption Today
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Date published/issue 08-17-2001
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Free text This article from Adoption Today, periodical from the USA, was "written by adoptive parents, adoptees and professionals in the fields of medicine, education, law, social work, child development and international and domestic adoption." It aims to help parents explain adoption to their children through five 'guidelines' based on different issues that affect adoptive children in their daily contacts with their contemporaries: 1) Adoptive families are just one of many different kinds of families; 2) Children who have been adopted were born to other parents, called birth parents; 3) Adoptees have many feelings about being part of an adoptive family. The attitudes of other people (especially their friends and classmates) can influence how they feel about themselves as adoptees - Barbara S. Cain has written a book for children to help them understand how a person can have two opposite feelings about a situation at the same time: Double Dip Feelings - Stories to Help Children Understand Emotions; 4) People need to respect the privacy of each child's unique adoption story; 5) Your children may have fears about adoption, especially when they have little or no understanding of it.

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