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Title Ethics and Adoption: Challenges for Today and the Future
Author Evan B. Donaldsons Adoption Institute
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Free text Report of a conference (Anaheim, CA, November 1999) sponsored by the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute. "Challenges for Today and the Future is a conference designed to bring together those who are concerned about the ethical issues that affect the practice of adoption in all arenas...". Among presentations to the conference: Ethics in a World Ruled by Law and the Market: Adoption, Assisted Reproduction and Parenthood, by George Annas, Health Law Department, Boston University School of Publich Health. Themes for workshops included: A Case for Cross-Fertilization: Adoption and the Reproductive Technologies presented by Jean Benward and Adrienne Asch of Wellesley College, MA. - puts forward associated but differing ethical issues in adoption and reproductive parenthood Concurrent Planning: The Ethical Dilemmas presented by Laura Williams of the State of California Department of Social Services - defines concurrent planning as "a refinement of reunification services which expedites permanency for the child...It is simply to work at reunification while at the same time developing an alternative permanency plan". Ethics and Adoption: A Spiritual Perspective moderated by Rev. Rich Buhler with presentations by Father Tom Brosnan on secrecy in adoption; Pastor Jeff Johnson on open adoptions; Rabbi Allen Krause on the problems of adoption by Jewish couples; Rev. Katie Lee Crane states that spiritual needs of the individual are met by their life stories which determine their identity and there is the possibility that to feel complete the adoptee must know his/her story. In The Ethics of Staffing Adoption Services, Elias Lefferman of Vista del Mar Child and Family Services, CA, stresses the need for specialized training for adoption professionals. Other themes include: Does Adoption Respect the Interests of Birth Parents and Birth Family Members?; Do Adoptees Have Rights?; Who is a "Good" Adoptive Parent?; For Lawyers and Facilitators: Does the Concept of "Client" Apply? Under the conference topic What are the Key Ethical Issues in Adoption? Dr. Joyce Maguire Pavao of the Center for Family Connections of Cambridge MA discusses The Issues in Infant Adoption; Susan Soon-Keum Cox of Holt International Children's Services treats The Issues in International Adoption which include issues of race, culture and national origin; issues of money, accountability and regulation; access to background information and informed decision-making by prospective adoptive parents; and impact of institutionalization on children; in Foster Care and Adoption, Joseph Crumbley describes how the Adoption and Safe Families Act (ASFA) helps regulate adoption. In the topic The Impact of Adoption on Members of the Triad Sharon Kaplan Roszia of Kinship Center CA overviews The Seven Core Issues in adoption - Loss, Rejection, Shame and Guilt, Grief, Identity, Mastery and Control which affect members of the adoption triad. In Openness from a Legal Perspective Joan H. Hollinger discusses access to information in adoption. Betty Jean Lifton stresses The Ethics of Counselling Triad Members. Working session on other themes: What is the role of Race and Culture in Adoption for Children in Foster Care? What is the Role of Kin in Adoption; Do Cultural Differences Between Countries Matter in International Adoption?; Does the Law Get it Right in the Role of Race and Culture in Adoption? Madelyn Freundlich presents Ethics in Adoption: A Values Framework - she bases this framework on two types of values - at the individual level (the adoption professionals): 1) Respect; 2) Autonomy; 3) Knowledge; and 4) Beneficence (well-being or a state of "good"); at the systems level (the adoption services): 1) Fairness; 2)Equity; and 3) Accountability. Under Money, Power and Accountability: The "Business" of Adoption, moderator: Graham Wright of Future Families Inc. - Amy Silberberg of Adoptive Families of America discusses Marketing in Adoption - Is advertising appropriate in adoption? If so, what kind, by who, and where? Other key questions: 1- Who is the client (in adoption); 2- What role is money currently playing in adoption?; 3) What is the right role for money in adoption? Ruth-Arlene Howe discusses the situation of children of colour in the US and race consideration in matters of adoption

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