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Title Éthique et bioéthique: l'assistance médicale à la procréation
Author POILPOT Marie-Paule (Ed.)
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Date published/issue 00-00-1999
Date received 00-00-0000
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Publisher Editions Erès, 11 rue des Alouettes, 31520 Ramonville Saint-Agne, France
Page 114
ISBN 2 86586 696 3
Type of material Book
Language of document French

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Index Ethics
Free text In the collection "Fondation pour l' Enfance", directed by Marie-Paule Poilpot, articles by a number of experts pertaining to the development, consequences and ethical issues presented by medically assisted procreation techniques. Among the authors: Alain Bertrand, psychiatrist, on the construction of paternity - the role of the father in medically assisted procreation; Geneviève Delaisi de Parseval, on " a child at any cost" where the author asks for honesty from all the "actors" in the process of medically assisted procreation and, in the same manner as in an adoption, respect for the needs of the child, particularly those conceived with donor insemination, following treatments for infertility.

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