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Title Droits et Enfances: Paradoxes et avenir d'une Convention
Author Le Groupe Familial
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Date published/issue 00-00-0000
Date received 00-00-0000
Place published FRANCE
Publisher Le Groupe Familial
Page 97 p
Type of material Periodical
Language of document French

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Country concerned FRANCE
Index Child-rights
Free text In DCI's collection (DCI 5726): January-March 1993 issue of this publication by "Le Groupe Familial" dedicated to the ratification of the Convention on the Rights of the Child by France in September 1992. Contains article by Nigel Cantwell "Une Convention (pas) comme les autres" tracing the evolution of the CRC; article by Pascale Boucaud on a European Charter for the Rights of the Child; article on the on-going debate on the subject of anonymous deliveries (accouchement sous X) in France, and the right of the child to know his/her origins; article on common, but often ignored, situation of children who must take over family responsibilities because of mental or physical indisposition of parent; the many different types of child abuse treated in article by Marceline Gabel; article by Pierre Compagnon on sexual exploitation of children and the need for pressure from public opinion to end certain practices such as sex tourism- article gives some historical background on protection legislation such as the use of laws protecting animals to provide protection to abused children; dissemination of the CRC in schools-lack of policy and support from the education authorities in France; article on education of the child with respect for the child; on the application of the CRC in France; articles on juvenile delinquency and juvenile justice; the CRC as catalyst in producing necessary changes and revisions in legislations on children's rights by Jean-Pierre Rosenczweig

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