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Title Dossier on project "Changing Minds, Policies and Lives"
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Date published/issue 00-00-2002
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Publisher World Bank; UNICEF
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Free text Dossier containing several documents from the World Bank and UNICEF funded "Changing Minds and Policies and Lives Project" for Eastern, Central Europe and Central Asia countries. 1. Moving from Residential Institutions to Community-Based Social Services in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union, by David Tobis, July 2000 - concerns the desirability of a transition from caring for vulnerable children, people with disabilities and the elderly in institutional settings to community-based social services. 2- Redirecting Resources to Community Based Services - Executive Summary of Concept Paper, by Louise Fox and Ragnar Götestam, July 2002 - In its different sections, the paper defines "Social care financing concepts"; it gives an "Overview of social care provision in Eastern and Central Europe and the former Soviet Union" and ways of "Implementing a better framework". 3- "Gatekeeping Services for Vulnerable Children and Families" - Gatekeeping is defined in this paper as "a key mechanism which planners have used to try and bring about a better balance between demand and supply and to ensure that services are targeted appropriately." The paper outlines the main problems in child care services in the ECA, the basic elements needed to implement gatekeeping and some of the issues that need to be addressed in order to maximise its impact. 4-Improving Standards In Child Protection - Developing Better Services for Children and Families in ECA Countries - A Concept Paper, by Andy Bilson and Ragnar Gotestam, February 2002 - the paper defines "What is necessary for standards to promote an effective child protection system?", "How might current systems of monitoring and implementing standards be improved (in the ECA region)?". 5- Improving Standards of Child Protection Services in ECA Countries - Toolkit, by Andy Bilson and Ragnar Gotestam, August 2002 - This "toolkit" provides Templates for assessment which are 'provided to collect and analyse the current standards and monitoring systems at national and local level and a framework is given for a tool to assess practice at service level' as well as Checklists and Examples to help design and implement the reform which provide a 'series of questions and advice to consider'.

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