Catalogue by countries / Collection of BICE/ICCB publications on the psychosocial needs of refugee children

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Title Collection of BICE/ICCB publications on the psychosocial needs of refugee children
Author International Catholic Child Bureau (BICE)
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Publisher International Catholic Child Bureau, BICE/ICCB, 65 Rue de Lausanne, CH 1202, Geneva, Switzerland
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Country concerned PHILIPPINES
Index Displacement
Free text Collection of documents (nos. 1 - 7) published by the International Catholic Child Bureau (dated from 1986 to 1994) concerning the psychological consequences of displacement on mothers and their children in various conflict situations in the world or as a result of natural disasters. 1- Trauma Amongst Refugee Children; 2- Psychological Consequences of Natural Disasters: Implication for Informing Action with Refugee Communities, by Prof. Bruno R. Lima; 3- The Impact of Traumatic Events on the Psychological Well-Being of Mozambican Refugee Women and Children by Margaret McCallin and Shirley Fozzard; 4- the Psychological Consequences of Violent Displacement: The Experience of Central American Refugee Women in Washington D.C., by Margaret McCallin; 5-The Psychological Well-being of Vietnamese Minors in the Philippines - A Comparison with Hong Kong, by Margaret McCallin; 6- Information Related to Psycho-Social Needs of Refugee Children; 7- Selected and Annotated Bibliography on the Psychological Needs of Refugee Children (1994). 8- The Psychological Well-Being of Refugee Children: Research, Practice and Policy Issues, edited by Margaret McCallin - a collection of articles by a number or authors on this subject. Two issues of Children Worldwide BICE's periodical publication dedicated to refugee children: Vol 14, No 2/1987 and Vol 17, No 2/1990.

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