Catalogue by countries / Causal Modeling Predicting Psychological Adjustment of Korean-Born Adolescent Adoptees

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Title Causal Modeling Predicting Psychological Adjustment of Korean-Born Adolescent Adoptees
Author DONG Pil Yoon
Generic unit Psychosocial Aspects of the Asian-American Experie

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Date published/issue 00-00-2001
Date received 00-00-0000
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Publisher The Haworth Press, Inc. 10 Alice Street, Binghamton, NY 13904-1580, USA
Page pp 6
ISBN 0 7890 1049 6
Type of material Monograph
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Country concerned UNITED STATES
Index Interacial
Free text In this presentation, the author discusses identity problems faced by Korean adoptees in the USA. A number of variable elements were taken into consideration in this study, including: parent's support of the child's ethnic background; parent-child relationship; collective self-esteem or ethnic pride; personal self-esteem and psychological adjustment or satisfaction with life. In presenting the data that emerged, the author, while admitting to limitations to the study, provides conclusions that point to the importance of preparation and support to adoptive parents so that they can become more aware of the effects of the adoption on their children's psychological development, particularly in respect to the cultural and ethnic elements present in this kind of adoption.

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