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Title A Study of Open Adoption Placements
Author IWANEK Mary
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Date published/issue 00-00-1987
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Publisher Mary Iwanek, 14 Emerson Street, Petone, New Zealand
Page 53 p
ISBN 0 473 00967 6
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Free text The author, director of the New Zealand Department of Child, Youth and Family Services, Affiliated bureau of the International Social Service presents the open adoption experience through the testimonies of birth and adoptive parents. She concludes that for all concerned the experience is mainly a positive one and a step to humanising adoption. For adoptive parents once the adoption order comes through, they can feel more relaxed, and having been made aware of all the issues involved in giving up a child for adoption they feel better about contact with the birthmother. For the birthmother, the contact seems to be a help in the grieving process of having given up a child. In spite of the positive experience, family and friends were still not found to be very supportive for this practice which goes against the established ways of society. The idea of including the birthfathers more often in this experience is also encouraged. Acknowledgement of the fact that parenting through adoption is different should lead to more reflection on the part of social workers to help parents make the right choices involving contact.

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