Children on the Move

January 2015

N° 188 – 2014: More projects, fewer subsidies…

Available in:

February - March 2015

N° 189 – The Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children celebrate their fifth birthday

Available in:

April 2015

N° 190 – Practical defies of remembering that the child is an individual

Available in:

May 2015

N° 191 – The preparation of prospective adoptive parents: Is it attuned to the development of intercountry adoption?

Available in:

June 2015

N° 192 – Special Commission on the operation of the HC-1993: An assessment tool with multiple facets

Available in:

July - August 2015

N° 193 – The first encounter of the adoptive family and the probationary period of life together: Are there any remaining gaps in these crucial stages?

Available in:

September 2015

N° 194 – Open adoption: Several speeds, several measures

Available in:

October 2015

N° 195 – The fuss about numbers, goals and indicators…

Available in:

November 2015

N° 196 – The 1996 Hague Convention: A unique role in the cross-border protection of children?

Available in:

December 2015

N° 197 – ‘Recipe’ for a truly festive season for children and their families

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